She’s been called ’nerd’, ‘goody two-shoes’ and ‘ultimate study-buddy’, but her friends call her Liz.  She’s the new kid at Sunnybrook High School, and she’s ready to take on the world! With an open heart and a positive attitude, she might just make a difference after all. admin
This Just In Cassie
Cassie is a headstrong artist with a passion for social justice. When she’s not busy writing her next smash play for the drama department, she’s protesting on behalf of the common man.  (Fun fact:  she’s dressed up as Rosie the Riveter for Halloween every year since she was three) admin
This Just In Rex
The Editor-In-Chief of the school newspaper, Rex is a high-stakes businessman in a teenager’s body.  He’s a sharp dresser, a fast talker, and the ultimate deal maker. He’ll do whatever it takes to land a great story for the paper… as long as it doesn’t require too much work. admin
This Just In Becca
The “Princess of Sunnybrook” and Tyler’s girlfriend, Becca rules over the Sunnybrook High School social scene.  She’s destined for stardom, and will make sure every person she meets knows it.  (Fun Fact:  She has never worn the same outfit twice… ever.) admin
An enigma, a mystery, a man of the universe.  Tyler is the most talented and popular guy at Sunnybrook High School, but he’d rather be meditating on the deeper meaning of the cosmos than participating in a popularity contest.  He’s often known for his Tyler-isms such as, “What is lunch…
Liz’s older brother and a total goofball.  At any given moment, there are two things on Joe’s mind: food and sports.  He’s a party animal extraordinaire, and has a PhD in “Joe Science”.  His newest invention?  The Bacon Belt, perfect for snacking on-the-go! admin

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